Sunday, September 19, 2010

What You Don't Know About Minsoo:

1. I don't have a laptop - Mine broke early this year and I really didn't think that I needed another one. I will get one after I graduate, when I get a job, but right now I can live without it.

2. I haven't watched TV since I was in high school. - I just think that watching TV is a waste of time. Of course there are good channels to watch, for example, the news, but I don't have TV anyway.

3. I don't have a smart phone. I like to keep my phone bill low, about $35.00/month. I would love to have an iPhone though since I don't have a computer AND I get lost ALOT while I'm driving.

4. I have freckles... which is not normal for Asians. I had NONE before I came to Texas but since I have been living here I have gotten freckles on my cheeks and on top of my nose. I like them though cuz it makes me feel like I'm becoming a real TEXAN!!!!

5. I had 11 slices of pizza when I was 9th grade. We went to a buffet and me and my four girlfriends had an eating competition... and I WON!!!

6. I went to both Women's middle school and women's high school so I didn't have a boyfriend until I graduated high school.

7. I have ADD. I didn't realize until one of my friends told me. Yes, I do have ADD.

8. I didn't play any sports while I was growing up. It's not my fault. Our society expects students to be smart. Our goal was getting into a GOOD university.

9. I started Jazz Dance after I graduated high school. I wanted to be a professional dancer but I decided to come to the states and I've not danced for quite awhile... but I still LOVE to dance.

10. I pretend to understand what you say. Sometime I don't understand 100% what you said because I don't pay attention (because I have ADD) or I just don't understand because you are speaking ENGLISH! So I might say something really weird or not react. Please don't feel bad.

11. One more thing, I don't usually laugh at American jokes... Sorry. It's just not funny to me. I will try though.

12. I can't take cafein. If I do, I go super hyper and I can't handle myself and none of you..
13. I am selfish and I make excuses. - I am super busy this semester. I work 8-9 hours/day doing my job at the Rec. Center and internship at the Chamber. I take two MBA classes, Finance and Accounting, both which I don't like. I have a bodybuilding competition in 7 weeks so I'm training for that. I have two certification exams in 5 weeks which means I use my spare time to study. As you know, I just started modeling, so most of weekends are spent on photo shoots. I'm so sorry if I haven't talked to you or hung out with you like I used to. However, I really want you all to know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate your support. Thank you!

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