Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fan of the Week: Minsoo Go by Diabetes Health And Wellness Institute- Dallas

Our first fan of the week for September is Minsoo Go a fitness competitor, instructor and MBA student. Her story is particularly interesting because she believes in practicing what she preaches when it comes to fitness. Minsoo was the Bikini overall champion in April at the NPC capital of Texas round up competition.

DHWI: Minsoo What kind of work are you up to these days?
MG: I’m a Graduate Assistant for Fitness and Wellness at the Campus Recreation Department – Texas State University. I oversee the 6,000 sq weight room, a personal training and a group exercise program. I also teach group exercise classes such as Cycle, toning and 20/20/5 which is a cardio workout class.

DHWI: How do you contribute to the health and wellness community?
MG: I really do think living a healthy life is necessary whether you have diabetes or not and we need to bring the healthy life style into our community because healthy body not only brings the individual the best but also their family and work place. Because I work for the university, I deal with most of college students. I educate our student staff to live better life changing their diet and staring exercise. I share my life style for example how I got into fitness. I also try to educate my friends, family and students who come to our group exercise classes about the proper nutrition and workout.

DHWI: How do you see diabetes effecting our community?
MG: I’ve seen many people including little kids who are obese everywhere in Texas. I get really worried when I see obese children because if they don't change their habits soon they will have many health problems. I think it’s important to protect our kids because they are the one who will lead the next century and we want them to be healthy.

DHWI: What is the number one piece of advice that you'd give a newly diagnosed diabetic?
MG: Have a designing nutrition program based on what you are eating and what time you are eating. For example, follow a low fat diet, consuming whole grains, and no sugars (ex. Sweet drinks, candy, too much juice) eaten alone.

DHWI: What steps are you taking toward your own personal health and wellness goals right now?
MG: My goal is to make fitness and wellness as my life style. I plan my day around exercise. It is important so I schedule my work out like an appointment and treat it as a real appointment. I also always try to think positive and be happy!! Smile everyday. It makes everything better including your health. J

DHWI: Is there anything else you'd like to share with the DHWI community?
MG: Become a chef! I’ve never liked cooking but now I love to cook. Making your own healthy food is fun and it can make your relationships better too. Invite your family and friends to share what you make. The best part of being a chef is you know what you like the most and what’s in your food which will help you reduce excessive sugar or oil if needed. Don’t forget to cook CLEAN food!!


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