Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's All in Your Head

It's so easy. You just need to remind yourself of these five words: "You gotta believe in yourself."

I was at work, and we were evaluating our personal trainer, and during one of workouts something the trainer did caught my eye. He was doing box jumps. I've seen many people do it, and I always had my doubts if I could do it myself because it looked very SCARY! The trainer showed the client how to do it, and then client tried it. He didn't fall but he kinda missed. After the first try, he said hedidn't feel comfortable trying it any more. I said to my co-worker,Crystal, "Hey girl, I don't think even I could do it." And she said
"Yes, you can. It's all in your head." I stopped and thought about the words she said, "It's all in your head." That's right, I knew I could do it even though I said "I can't" because I can jump higher than the box. But when I started thinking "Ican't", I suddenly believed I couldn't do it anymore.

Have you had this feeling? Sometimes, the barriers we have in front us block our mind and keep us from achieving our goals. If I had told myself I wouldn't be able to learn English because it's so hard, then I never would have made it as far as I have today. It was not easy for me to come to another country, speaking a different language, getting my degree and living all by myself for 6 years without my family and friends. However, when I decided to come to the United States in 2005 the only thing that was in my head was I CAN DO IT.

Isn't it amazing? The right words can change your attitude and your whole life.
So are you gonna keep saying I can't or I can ?

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