Monday, August 30, 2010

My Mom Called Me at 3:30 A.M. And Guess What...???

I've been trying to read my finance class text book since 9 pm so what I'm saying right now might not make sense. Sorry about that if my English is very poor. Anyway, I just wanted to share a short story of "Finally My Mom Knew about It"

If you have read my blogs you would have a good idea of what my situation is. So if you haven't, please go b ack and read it. I can promise you it will be interesting! :)

I got a phone call from my mom who is in Korea at 3:30 A.M. My mom should know better it's 3:30 AM in Texas so I figured something happened because my mom NEVER calls me at 3:30 AM unless it's an emergency situation. Of course I missed it because I was sleeping and I kinda guessed why my mom called me and I was thinking.... "oh crap"
(FYI. I have a brother who is three years younger than me and he just started working out and even hired a personal trainer.)

If you are guessing right now, your guess will be probably right. My called me again and she started:

Mom: "So, what have you been doing?."
Me: "Umm.. what??"
Mom: "Well, your brother told me 'Mom, Minsoo has better body than I do.' So I was like what are you talking about? then your brother said 'Ok. Mom. Come here. I will show you'"
Me: "Ah, that pictures? Mom, I had a competition and I WON. I forgot to tell you. Did you like my pictures? I look hot. Right?"

I tried to make the conversation as normal as possible because I knew she would be mad at me.

Mom: "So what is it? Are you still studying or just working out everyday?"
Me: "Mom, that's what I do when I have free time. I went to Chile and still working at the Rec. I made two B's over the summer. You know me. I always take care of myself."
Mom: "I was freaked out when I saw your pictures, but looks like you put some hard work there."
Me: "Well, mom. It's all genetic. you know. I didn't even work hard to have it" -Yes, I lied.. You know I worked out three times a day-
Mom: "No, it's not true. How could you have body like that with out training? Your hard work paid off. You looked amazing. I'm so proud of you."

What? Is it really? I couldn't believe what I just heard. "I'm so proud of you!" You can't imagine how much I was excited because I've always thought that my mom would be so against of what I'm doing. Not like what I expected, she even asked me to write down what I've been eating.

Mom: "Make sure to write down everything what you ate, so I can make them for your brother and your dad."

Wow, isn't it crazy? My mom actually thinks that what I do is AMAZING!!! And she even asks me some tips of my diets. Mom, they are all what you cook for me while I was growing up. :)

Sometimes what you think is wrong. Maybe you thought that your parents would never understand you. But guess what? They were some point at your age and think like you are. The key was communication. If I told her what my vision was and why I'm doing this, she would probably understand me and even support me. I don't think my mom told my dad because he is even more stick than my mom, but it's ok. He will be very proud of me soon too!

The main thing that I learned since I've left home for six years is to be appreciate what I have. I've learned that how much my family was meant to me. My brother or my sister may not miss me or they may not know how much I am important to them now, but because I know it I always say "I love you" to them whenever I can. How about you? Do you say enough "I love you" to people who you love? Or you think that they are annoyed because you see them everyday. You need to show it otherwise they wouldn't know and you will regret later . Say you love them today. Don't wait until tomorrow. Today might be your last chance to say it. I love my family so much and having them makes me smile even though they are thousands miles away from me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Minsoo To Vegas" Sponsorship Letter

Dear Whom May It Concern,

My name is Minsoo, and I was born and grown up in Seoul, South Korea. In the summer of 2005, I came to the United States to learn English. After 6 months of learning English, I decided to get my B.A in Public Relations at the University of Texas at Arlington. While I was studying at UTA, I became involved with fitness and started working out. The concept of fitness is still not common in Korea and many of Asian countries. Many young women think that being skinny is the most important thing and they care more about how they look than being healthy or being well. I thought I was fat and I never wore shorts or skirts in Korea because the natural muscle in my legs was considered fat and unattractive.

Since living in the U.S. fitness has changed my life quite a bit. One day, I realized why I came to the U.S. and how I could live all alone for six years away from my family and friends. God gives everyone a gift. I’ve always wondered what my gifts are. I believe my physique, courage, confidence, persistence, and strong will power are my gifts that I have found so far. I want to share my personal story with others and impact their lives. Becoming a fitness model will allow me to further my education and become a role model to the Asian community as well as college aged individuals internationally. This journey has been difficult both mentally and physically, but I am slowly working towards reaching my ultimate goal to spread fitness to the world. Currently, I am pursuing Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and working as a graduate assistant for Fitness and Wellness at Texas State University while trying to attain my own personal fitness goals at the same time.

On July 10th, 2010, I competed in my first show, the NPC 2010 Branch Warren Classic and I placed 4th in Bikini Class A. On August 7th, 2010, I gained Bikini Overall Champion at the NPC Capital of Texas Roundup. I started training in past April 2010. Four months later, I reached my first goal, to be the overall champion. Although I am qualified to compete at the National level, I can’t enter the competition because it is only open to the U.S. Citizens. I’ve found another opportunity to compete with a different organization called Fitness Universe, an international level fitness competition. My next step will be to compete this November in Las Vegas for the fitness model division. I can promise that I will work my hardest to take home the winning title of the competition. I believe I can make it happen. My goals in competing are to gain exposure and to become a widely-known fitness model /inspirational speaker, as well as being a positive role model for everyone.

However, I will not be able to compete until I can afford the competition. I am a graduate assistant and student who only receives a monthly stipend. The entry fee for the competition is $180. This fee does not include transportation, accommodations, suits, make-up/hair, meals or hotel costs. I’m not a professional model but modeling comes natural to me. I will not ask that you give a specific amount of financial support, but any amount of contribution or other related support would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to setting up a meeting to further discuss our partnership. Please feel free to contact me at if you need more information. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


Minsoo Go
NPC 2010 Capital of Texas Roundup – Bikini Overall Champion
Graduate Assistant – Fitness & Wellness
Department of Campus Recreation
Master of Business Administration
Texas State University

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Second Competition - 2010 NPC Capital of Texas RounUp

Last Saturday, August 7th, 2010 I had my second competition in Austin, TX. It was National Qualifier. From the last competition, July 10th, I knew I had to work more on my posing, I focused on posing and I still worked out constantly for four weeks. Hard work paid off, I gained Bikini Overall Champion at the end of the show. Of course, I was very excited :) It was amazing meeting people who love being fit as much as I do. I got some good networks and learned more about the body building. It was a baby step for me to reach my goal to be a world-wide famous fitness model. Many of my friends ask me what's next?

I will be competing at the Fitness Universe in November. It's in Las Vegas and it's an international show. I'm pretty excited to see competitors from Korea as well. My plan is to be the Ms. Fitness Model Universe from the show. Can I? I think so. Everyone gets presents from God and mines are: courage, my physique, confidence, persistence, and strong will power. I'm sure there are more, but those are what I've found over the past years. God brought me here to the United States and let me know about fitness. He gave me so many opportunities to lead me where I am now. It was obvious, so I'm not going to resist it. It may sound crazy for some people, but that's how I feel about fitness. Sometimes this journey has been difficult both mentally and physically, but I am slowly working towards reaching my ultimate goal; to spread fitness to the world.

Apparently my family do not know about me competing and actually I know that my parents won't be happy with what I'm doing right now. They are pretty conservative and they think that wearing bikinis in front of public is not appropriate. I wish I could get support from my family like many others do, but it's ok. They will understand me later when I become a famous fitness model who is inspiring others to live healthy life style. :)

Until then, I will eat, sleep, and breath for fitness!