Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Letter From 9th Grade Boy

This letter made me think about something how I can help others while I'm doing what I like to do. Whatever my attention was, I could hurt others whether I like it or not. This could be sensitive issue for some people, but I also want you  to think about it.

I posted my competition pictures on my Cyworld page, a Korean Facebook and I got a letter from a 9th grade boy.

Hi Minsoo! I'm one of your top fans living in Korea. I'm 9th grade and I exercise hard even though I'm pretty young. How long have you been worked out? I would like to compete in the states. Well, I know it's awkward but I get excited whenever I see pictures of you wearing the white bikinis cuz you look so amazing.. If I see your pictures, I get excited in 3 sec. I've never had this before. Is it natural??
You look so fit and amazing with bikinis.. Is it ok if I masturbate looking at your photos? I know it's awkward to ask these kind of questions but please answer. I'm sorry if I made you mad.

When I read this letter, I was like what the hell. Right? I felt totally uncomfortable, and I was about to delete what he just wrote. But then I thought 'what if everything what he said was true?' Suddenly I didn't want to ignore him and want to help him instead. I have a brother who is three yrs younger than me, and I remember that I gave him such a hard time while he was growing up. When my brother was a freshman in high school, I found that he was watching a porno. I thought I had to preach him about it as a "big" sister and I told him not to do it again. Basically I made him feel so stupid. Couple of years later, I realized the way I approached the issue was not good. I should have dealt the issue differently and understood him better because you know it is nothing wrong with watching a porn for those age. Ever since then, my brother never talked to me about anything anymore. I still feel bad and I wish I could change.

Anyway, I thought about my past experience and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to let this 9th grade boy know that I do care about how he feels and help him if possible. I replied him back and this is what I wrote to him:

Hello, fist of all, thanks for being my fan. I'm glad you like what I'm doing as a bodybuilder. I'm very impressed that you've been already working out hard. I started lifting weights this mid April and it took me about 3-4months to get ready for the competition. However I've been working out since 2005 when I got here in the states. For the competition, I pay more attention what I eat and how much I eat. I also added proper cardio and weight training work out. It is not necessary to have a specific timeline, but most importantly to have fitness&wellness as a part of your life style. For the second questions, I do understand since I have a little brother. Especially, it's not easy for teenagers to control the sexual desire, however it is also important to practice control your self. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but if I could give you an advice, I would recommend you to release your energy to do any sports you like or do exercise. Proper and steady exercise, nutrition, and strong resection - for example no smoking and drinking. Being a bodybuilder is not easy. Focus on your goals and discipline is the key. I want you to spend more time doing something make you healthy and good. Maybe you can make your own soccer team!

The next day, he edited what he wrote to this:"Thank you so much for your kind advice and yes I would like to play more soccer. I told my friends about you. You are awesome! I loved your motto, lifestyle fitness&wellness. Good luck on your next competition! and sorry if I made you feel awkward." Guess what? I felt pretty good. I felt that I could help this boy without hurting his feeling. Hopefully, these will make some changes to his life. and even to his friends. I'm sure there are many males (maybe females) who see my pictures. Some of them may think the same way this boy did. I obviously do not want to give anyone bad influence. I want them to see myself as an athletic and to know that having a healthy body is good. Everyone has a choice to make. It is up to you whether you want to spend your time doing something good for yourself, or wasting your time with doing something meaningless. 

I would like to hear what you think so please don't hesitate if you want to share any thoughts and/or concerns!

p.s. Didn't have enough time to proofread.. Sorry if you have hard time to understand what I just wrote!

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