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UPDATES - The Life Story

Wow, it's been so long since I wrote the last blog. Sorry about that. I've had some comments from people who read my blog - thank you guys! The comments were like "hey, what happened to your blogs? It's been pretty fun to read your stories." Let me tell you what happened to me last couple of weeks.

If you are one of my facebook friends, you remember my complaints about accounting class. I've never met people who like accounting, and neither do I. Apparently, I had to take my first and LAST accounting class for my MBA course to graduate. I did really bad on the first test because I didn't study enough. So, I had to study REALLY hard for the second test. In the mean time, I've been gaining weight. I was 118 lbs at my first show, which was July 20th. I gained 2 lbs at my second show, on August 10th. Since I finished two shows, I've been on a bulk phase, but it was not ok to gain pounds every day. I ended up being 127 lbs. Oh no! What could I say, I needed to lose weight. Anyway, my accounting test was my priority at that time, so I studied every day. Guess what? I got a 97 on the second test. Hallelujah!

I felt very rewarded. While I was studying for my classes, I had another big project coming up, getting my Personal Trainer Certification. I had planned on getting it this summer, but I had two competitions that I didn't plan on, so the PTC was pushed back until early Nov. Finally, it's getting close to Nov. and I had to study for sure. So, as soon as I finished my mid-terms, I studied everyday again for the certification. As you may know, I have two jobs, one at the Rec center and one at the Chamber of Commerce so it's been really challenging to work out as well. Anyway, I successfully got back to where I should be, 120 lbs after two weeks. Do you wonder what I did, even though I said I didn't have time to work out? How did Minsoo lost 7 lbs within two weeks?! I can tell you what I did in the next blog so make sure you come back to read it ;)

Another challenge came up, I got sick. You know being sick is the worst thing that could happen for those who have a competition in a few weeks. I had no energy and my body was tired. It was not good. Luckily I got over it pretty quickly. I slept more than usual and tried to rest more. I just had a video shoot for bikini posing and my trainer told me I looked good :) Yay! I'm still working on it, but definitely I've been gaining more muscles on the weak parts of my body.

Nov. 2nd. I made another accomplishment of my life! I passed the certification exam!!! Hallelujah :) It may not be a big deal for some people, but it was huge for me. First of all, it was a national certification exam and it's in English. Plus understanding and memorizing anatomy and physiology stuff was not easy even though I've been fitness instructor for a while, especially since I'm not an exercise science major. Even some of my friends didn't pass the test on the first time so it was very big deal for me.

Nov. 4th, which is today. Yes, it's another big day for me. It's my 26th B-day!!! I didn't want to tell you the NUMBER, but I think it's important to tell you so I can explain my story.

It's been my 6th B-day in the states. I miss celebrating my B-Day with my family. Yea. This sucks. However, at the same time, what I realized is how important they are and what being old means. When I was 20 or 21, it was my day, my celebration. I was happy to get presents. I know. I was young. Yesterday, I took some time to think about my life. I tried to think about people who I've met in my life and who made an impact on my life. I can't say thank you enough to my parents who have raised me for 20 years and are still supporting me. Thank God, who let me know what being loved means. Everything that I have is appreciated. I am so blessed. That's all I can say. I was kind of sad for going to school on my B-day and not being able to celebrate it with champagne, but guess what? Today is not my day. Today is my day to show appreciation for those who become a part of my life; for those who taught me so much; for those who love me and whom I love.

So what's next for Minsoo? My goals are; getting a Yoga instructor certification in a week, getting A’s in my accounting and finance classes, getting two more national certifications by next February, graduating on May 2011, and finally getting a job after I graduate :) One more thing, winning my next show in Nov. 19th in Vegas!!!

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