Friday, July 16, 2010

Things To Remember When You Are Training?

Some of points that I thought they were important while I was training.
  • Don't starve your self.
When you are on a diet, you will be hungry 24/7. You workout hard, your body will need a source of energy-food. Make sure you don't starve your self. You know the rule: Eat small meals several times.
  • Eat what your BODY wants, NOT what YOU want.
There are difference between what YOU want and what your BODY wants. When your body asking for sugar, it's ok to take it. But probably eating 5 pieces of cake is not what your body wants. You have to control your desire.
  • Love your exercise
It's very hard for many of us to do cardio because cardio is hard and boring! I do cardio every morning pushing myself doing cardio that I like and enjoy. It doesn't matter what kind of cardio machine you use, make sure you love that work out then you are already 80% succeed.
  • Enjoy your food
Luckily, I didn't have to change whole lot of my diet because I believe that what I eat is healthy enough and most importantly, I LOVE MY FOOD!!! Find out food that has all the nutrition that you need, but also what you like. It will make 12 weeks on a diet so mush faster and easier.
  • Listen to your body
Having a good personal trainer is important when you train; however, I believe at the end, you are the one who can make the best decision for you. If the work out hurts you will know not your trainer. If you don't feel good after you take the protein shake? You know you can't take that anymore. Be the trainer of your training. Know your body and do what your body needs.
  • Rest your body
Again you will know when you need to rest your body. It's like a marathon. You can't finish the line if you sprint the first 500m. Same thing with the training. You push your self but don't forget to rest your body after your hardcore training.
  • Feel you are alive and appreciate it
I have a relationship with God and I communicate with God the most while I work out. Maybe that's why I like to work out so much.  I run and I feel my heart is beating. I push harder, and I feel my heart rate is increasing. I start sweating. It's getting hard to breath and I feel God. I feel that I'm alive as a human being and I appreciate what I have: my heart, my lung, my strong legs, and every single part of my body. God create our body to be used. So take care of your body!
  • Have FUN!
Nothing is more important than this... Have fun when you work out!!!

Good luck with your training and please feel free to share your thoughts with me :)

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