Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Competition - NPC Branch Warren 2010 July 10th

How Did I Prepare for the Competition?

WEEK 1 (April 19th-April 25th) - That's when I started working out for the competition. I didn't have a trainer and didn't really know what I should do, but I  knew about my body. I know what I like and what works for me. I started with total body weight training. Basically I spent about one hour and thirty min to work on total body. However, I didn't change any of my diet. I believe that what I eat is already healthy and clean- which is Korean food :)  I still did cardio not everyday, but often. I taught Cycle&Abs class every Thursday morning and went to yoga class two or three times a week. After one week of total body training, one of our awesome trainers, Dave told me I should separate my work out: upper and lower body.

WEEK 2 (April 26th-May 2nd) - Started lower/upper workout. One day I did lower body work out and then next day I did upper body. I still went to yoga and did cardio. Not everyday because I was busy with school and work but tried to do it every other day.

WEEK 3,4 (May 3rd-May 16th) - I checked my body fat % and it was 16.5%. I still did the same work out upper and lower and added cardio everyday with abs. Still my diet was the same like my normal diet.

WEEK 5,6, (May 17th-May 29th) - I forgot who that was but one of our trainers told me I should separate my work out. So I did two body part training. Ex. Shoulders and triceps; back and biceps; chest and shoulders, legs. Started about 40-50 min of morning cardio everyday. I knew what my weakness: shoulders and arms. So I did twice a week of shoulders and arms work out. My body fat was 15 %.

WEEK 7,8 (May 30st-June 10th) - Hardcore work out. I tried to do cardio twice a day. Morning and evening. Afternoon weight training. It was hard because I still had to work 10-5pm and had two summer classes. My diet? I had to say good-bye my favorite chocolate Ferraro Roche!! It was pretty big deal for me. And I tried super hard not to drink. Which means I still drank little bit... which is not allowed for those who compete. Body fat was 11.4% with 118 lbs.

WEEK 9,10 (June 11th-June23rd) - I went to Chile for almost two weeks and it was very harsh on my training because I couldn't eat right and couldn't work out regularly either. I had to try to eat whatever I could find and I still did cardio every morning while I was in Chile. I feel bad to tell you this but I cheated  A LOT while I was in Chile. I ate ice cream and sandwich burger, and drank pisco sour and wine!!

WEEK 11,12 (June 24th) - Came back to the states and Crystal, one of my friends who also compete for figure, told me if I have a trainer and posing coach. Of course I didn't. She highly recommend me to have a trainer/posing coach so I did. I met with my trainer once a week and I followed his work out plan which is basically focus on one body part: legs, shoulder and arms, back, and chest. I also watched YouTube to learn more about bikini posing. I only thing that I changed for my diet was breakfast. I usually ate cereal in the morning but I changed to one grape fruit and 3 white eggs. It was good because I liked them ALOT!! Worked out three times a day. Morning cardio, afternoon weight training, and short evening cardio. July 8th my body fat was 10.3% with 118 lbs.

July 10th - My first competition and I got 4th in my class Bikini A. I was very nervous when we did pre-judging, but I had so much fun doing it. After the competition, I got the critique and the judge said I need to work on my presentation part. I have three weeks to work on for my next show in August 7th in Austin. I'm still doing the same workout and cardio. I know what I expect now and I will be so much better. You are all invited to come support me!!!

Forgot to mention it. After the competition, I and couple of my awesome friends who helped me out with the competition went to Chewy(?) Mexican restaurant and I also ate my favorite ice cream Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Ice Cream on Sunday! It was HEAVEN!!!

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