Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Was it Worth to Have?

What would happen when you do something you were not supposed to do? For example, eating ice cream when you are not supposed to.... Have you experienced this before? Maybe every single day we face these debate inside of you.

Last Sunday, I finally made a huge mistake: I ate two big scoops of my favorite ice cream, Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream.

Guess what happened? I had to pay for the consequence.. Monday morning, the first thing I did was doing cardio using StairMaster machine. (picture on the right)

What did I do? I climbed the stairs for 40 minutes with level 12. Is it easy? Try it. I finished with 5 miles and burned about 500 kcal.

Was my favorite ice cream worth to try? Heck yea :) But I won't do it again because I know better. I'm training for something very important to me and eating my favorite ice cream might make me happy for 5 minutes but it wouldn't last long. Staying fit requires discipline.

Here are few benefits of StairMaster workout:
  • Increase your cardiovascular workout
  • Burn calories
  • Improve muscle conditioning in your legs and buttocks
  • Improve balance
 So why don't you get on StairMaster this week when you go to the gym? And don't forget to thank me when you get off the machine!

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