Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun Fact - What People Would Think about You When You Go to Asia?

Many of you know who I am so it will be a pretty big shock to you if you've never heard this story from me. For those who don't know me, I am 25 year old female. I am 5'4 1/2'' and 120 lbs. My latest body fat reading was 15.9% and my BMI was 20%. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to show off, but I just want to give you some idea of what I look like.

People here call me super tiny, which I've never heard before in Korea. Actually, I am considered "big" in Korea. I've never worn shorts becuase people make fun of my "huge" legs. However, here I have had lots of compliments about my legs. When I told this story to my friends, most of them refused to go to Korea because they would be considered FAT in Korea.

It is funny how beauty is defined differently by different cultures. Even here, many of college girls do not want to appear muscular, but being muscular is part of being fit. Fitness is about balance. Cardio, flexibility, and strength training work together. The stereotype of a body building appearance is associated with strength training, but this is not always true. Strength training is important because it helps build bone density, which is actually more important to women than man. Remember, testosterone is linked to muscular atrophy (large muscles), which is a hormone that is mostly found in men.

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