Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Second Competition - 2010 NPC Capital of Texas RounUp

Last Saturday, August 7th, 2010 I had my second competition in Austin, TX. It was National Qualifier. From the last competition, July 10th, I knew I had to work more on my posing, I focused on posing and I still worked out constantly for four weeks. Hard work paid off, I gained Bikini Overall Champion at the end of the show. Of course, I was very excited :) It was amazing meeting people who love being fit as much as I do. I got some good networks and learned more about the body building. It was a baby step for me to reach my goal to be a world-wide famous fitness model. Many of my friends ask me what's next?

I will be competing at the Fitness Universe in November. It's in Las Vegas and it's an international show. I'm pretty excited to see competitors from Korea as well. My plan is to be the Ms. Fitness Model Universe from the show. Can I? I think so. Everyone gets presents from God and mines are: courage, my physique, confidence, persistence, and strong will power. I'm sure there are more, but those are what I've found over the past years. God brought me here to the United States and let me know about fitness. He gave me so many opportunities to lead me where I am now. It was obvious, so I'm not going to resist it. It may sound crazy for some people, but that's how I feel about fitness. Sometimes this journey has been difficult both mentally and physically, but I am slowly working towards reaching my ultimate goal; to spread fitness to the world.

Apparently my family do not know about me competing and actually I know that my parents won't be happy with what I'm doing right now. They are pretty conservative and they think that wearing bikinis in front of public is not appropriate. I wish I could get support from my family like many others do, but it's ok. They will understand me later when I become a famous fitness model who is inspiring others to live healthy life style. :)

Until then, I will eat, sleep, and breath for fitness!


  1. Great post and Great job at the show, goodluck in November!

  2. I'M happy w/ what you're doing!

    Also, you should take credit. God may have given you the capacity to do, but it is you who has come, discovered and conquered obstacles, fear and competitors to accomplish - where other have not ;D